They are the very thread of life,

enabling us to search, work, love and live. Telehealth, online education and career opportunity, the conducting of day-to-day business at work and home and dreaming of the future, FMTC is enabling connections through fiber optic and wireless Internet technologies. What was once a slow-paced luxury through the entrance of dial up, is now a whirlwind of speed and light, bringing the connectivity that drives our day. Connecting us to the things that matter most.  

Connecting You

to Community

A healthy community is a connected community, allowing social connections that enhance our lives. Whether searching for, or working with local non-profit organizations, engaging with local schools or communicating with community groups, fiber optic Internet connectivity ensures these vital connections. That’s why we provide availability to the FMTC Conference Center to community groups and organizations. The ways to stay connected within our area are many and opportunities to connect and serve are bountiful in our neck of the woods.


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Get Connected Today

Staying connected to family and friends is an integral part of our lives. While some live down the street, others have journeyed to other states or even countries. The family fiber connections that bind us are supported by fiber optic Internet, keeping us in touch no matter the distance. Smartphone video chat apps like Facetime, Google Chat, and Zoom, as well as laptop apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet aid in these connections, so no matter the distance, you are only a link away.

Connecting you

to Telehealth

Connections…doctor to patient, specialist to laboratory services, pharmacy and more. Improved patient-caregiver communication through broadband Internet connections ensures even rural communities like ours can be connected to needed essential health care. Telemedicine, telehealth and telecare services provide care connections to those challenged by transportation time and costs, and for those who might otherwise not seek care. Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (FMTC) brings fiber optic and wireless Internet connectivity for online health services to our members and customers. FMTC, helping you stay connected to the things that matter most.

Connecting You

to Higher Education

Online learning is changing the landscape of education, bringing opportunity right into our home. Digital learning allows for flexibility that is critical in our busy lives, allowing us to grow at our own pace. Many of us step out into full-time work during the day and enjoy the time at home after our work hours are through to further our education. Whether in the classroom, or at home, Internet connectivity supports student’s pursuit of higher education

Connecting you

to Search & Opportunity

Buying your first home. Starting a new business. A new year and a new career. Exploring new hobbies or the business that allows you to work from home, all of this and more is fueled by fiber optic and wireless Internet connections. These are the dreams that fill our lives and keep us engaged and growing. Dream big and the connections made through the stream of light will carry you to a bright future.

Fiber Optic Internet Packages

Available in Fruitland, Payette, and New Plymouth

Premium Fiber Packages

Fixed Wireless is available in Payette, New Plymouth, Ontario, Nyssa & Vale

Fixed Wireless Internet