Once you’ve registered your DMCA Agent with the Copyright Office, you need to include contact information on your website, such as a link for reporting potential copyright infringement that goes to a page with the contact info.  Some companies have online forms set up, but you still need to have the contact information posted.  This includes the company’s full legal name, physical street address (not a post office box), any alternate/dba names used, and the name, organization, physical mail address (street address or post office box), telephone number, and email address of your designated agent.  The info on the website needs to be the same as the info provided to the Copyright Office.


Ron is our designated agent.

Physical Street address: 319 SW 3rd St, Fruitland, ID 83619

Mailing address: PO BOX 1030, Fruitland, ID 83619

Telephone Number: 208-452-2000