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Residential Tech Support in Fruitland & NuAcres

Diagnostic: $45.00

FMTC will assess your device to determine what the issue is and recommend a course of action for repair. If repair is performed FMTC then the diagnostic charge will be waved.

Virus removal: $95.00

FMTC will clean all viruses, malware, spyware, adware, and rootkits infecting one computer, make sure your anti-virus software and operating system software are both up to date and verify functionality after cleaning is done. If anti-virus subscription is expired or none is found, FMTC will install the highest rated free anti-virus available.

Operating System install: $95.00

FMTC will install or upgrade one Operating System on your computer, make sure it is compatible with your system, install necessary drivers, install available updates, and verify functionality. Customer must provide Operating System license key and disks. A backup is highly recommended beforehand as all data will be erased from the hard drive.

System restore: $85.00

FMTC will restore system to factory condition and install available system updates. Restore disks must be provided, or system must have uncorrupted recovery partition. A backup is highly recommended beforehand as all data will be erased from the hard drive.

PC Setup: $85.00

FMTC will setup your new PC by starting it up, creating a username and password (if requested) for your Operating System, installing available system updates, installing one software title or peripheral, installing anti-virus, setting up email, and creating set up recovery DVDs. Software or peripheral not provided. DVDs for recovery disks are included.

Data recovery: $50.00 or $200.00

FMTC will assess your flash drive or hard drive to determine if the drive is physically damaged. If the drive is in working order, FMTC will attempt to recovery any and all data at no charge. If we can recover your data, then for flash drives, recovered data is $50. For hard drives, recovered data is $200. Media to store recovered data onto is not included. 

Data backup/transfer: $45.00

FMTC will make a backup for your data onto a flash drive or external hard drive that you provide. DVDs can be used as well if the data amount is under 8GB. FMTC can also transfer all your data from your old PC to your new PC.

Hardware/peripheral install: $35.00

FMTC will install one piece of hardware or peripheral. We will make sure it is compatible with your system, configure it for your system, and verify that it works. Hardware or peripheral not included.

Software install: $25.00

FMTC will install one software title. We will make sure it is compatible with your system, install any updates available, create a desktop shortcut, and verify that it works. Software not included. Operating system installs are not included. 

Password removal: $25.00

FMTC will remove one windows user account password on a PC that you own.

Tablet setup: $20.00

FMTC will start up your tablet and connect it to the internet, set up one email account, and download and configure one free app (facebook, twitter, radio, etc.).

Hourly rate: $75.00

For any issues or services that do not fall under these categories, FMTC will charge $75.00 per hour.

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