Fiber Expansion

fiber expansion

The last leg of the fiber expansion in Fruitland and NuAcres is set to begin April 1, 2022 when the remaining area of the expansion south of the Interstate will receive the benefits of fiber over the older copper network.

Why is Fiber Better? Where copper is very limited in its capacity for providing fast Internet speeds, fiber gives the option to choose fast Internet speeds up to a Gig (1,000Mpbs). What does this mean? As homes continue to add technology and devices, fiber speeds grow with the need you have in your home or business. Instead of being limited to a couple of devices on copper, you can support a plethora of devices including cellular phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, printers and scanners, 4K and smart TVs and smart home technology. The area of smart home technology is rapidly expanding with Internet-connected appliances, security systems and devices like Amazon’s Alexa.

Cable utilizes a different technology that tends to be limited by the number of users within an area and the amount of data used. This is not so with fiber. FMTC does not place data caps on business or residential customer’s Internet nor do we slow speeds or throttle like satellite and cellular providers.

Fiber optic is the best technology and FMTC is committed to bringing this to all of our customers in Fruitland and NuAcres. We are also expanding in select areas within New Plymouth and Payette. We recently made fiber Internet access available in the Corsair Subdivision in Payette and fiber is also available in all of the new subdivisions in Fruitland.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about the Internet service available to you. We are a local cooperative with local technicians and in house Customer Care Representatives and Internet Technicians. FMTC is Technology Forward.