Low-Income Telephone & Internet Support

Affordable Connectivity Program Update

FCC Announces April 2024 is the Last Fully Funded Month of the ACP


The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau has released a Public Notice announcing that the last fully funded month for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) benefit is April 2024.  Absent additional funding from Congress, the ACP can only provide a partial reimbursement for May 2024.  ACP providers have the option to claim and pass on that partial reimbursement amount to enrolled households.  After May 2024, the ACP will no longer support any benefits to enrolled households.

Consumers are encouraged to visit AffordableConnectivity.gov and fcc.gov/acp for more information and further updates regarding the ACP.

What is the Empowering Parents Program?

The Empowering Parents Program is a State of Idaho Program funded by Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds, providing funds to pay for Internet access.

What is the purpose of Empowering Parents?

Empowering Parents provides eligible families with grant funds for use towards eligible educational services and devices to help students recover from the learning loss caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Eligible purchases include computers and technology, internet access, instructional materials, tutoring services, and therapies through approved vendors in the Empowering Parents online marketplace. 

Who’s Eligible For Funds?

All Idaho students kindergarten through grade 12 are eligible regardless of whether they attend a public school, private school or are homeschooled. 

Find out more at https://empoweringparents.idaho.gov/ and how your internet access with Farmers Mutual Telephone Company may be covered.

The Empowering Parents Application is Now OPEN


Who will be eligible to apply?

Idaho students Kindergarten through grade 12 are eligible regardless of whether they attend a public school, private school, or are homeschooled.

Idaho Law (Section 33-1029) requires Income eligibility based on the parent or guardian’s AGI for the prior year as verified by the Idaho Tax Commission.

What do Parents Need to Complete the Application?

To complete the verification process, parents must present one of the following documents: a US passport, a government-issued State ID, a driver’s license, or a Green Card. Additionally, for child verification, parents must provide one of the following options for their children: a birth certificate, a US passport, a government-issued State ID, a 1040 Federal Tax Return, or a driver’s license.

Parents Adjusted Gross Income will be verified with the Idaho Tax Commission. The parent’s Social Security Number (SSN) will be required.

Lifeline - Low Income Support

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline is a government program that offers qualified low-income households a discount on basic local telephone service and internet. Through this government program you could save up to $11.75 a month. The federal discount on internet
service is $9.25. The federal discount on voice only service is $5.25. The state discount on internet or voice only service is $2.50. This program can cover basic local telephone/internet service charges, plus the subscriber line charge.

Eligibility / Restrictions
Lifeline can only be used for the primary telephone line and internet in a household. You may purchase additional services available to a non-Lifeline customer. You must establish phone or internet service prior to applying for the Lifeline discount. The name on the phone bill must match the name of the household member participating on the eligible program.
How do I apply?

To apply for Lifeline, please visit www.lifelinesupport.org/ and follow the application instructions. You can also download the application form here, or you can pick up an application at the Farmers Mutual Telephone Company office.

More Information

You can find further information about Lifeline at the Universal Service Administrative Company website. Any additional questions can be answered by calling FMTC at (208) 452-2000.