Fiber is Here!

Fiber optic connectivity is now available in Fruitland and NuAcres, bringing speeds up to a gigabit-1,000Mbps to power all of the devices in your home

Fiber is the best Internet option available, bringing a long list of benefits over other types of Internet services.
  • Increased property values-according to studies
  • Decreased latency and packet loss-fiber optic is the BEST form of Internet
  • Increased Security
  • Symmetrical Connections-download & upload are the same speed, enabling not only excellent gaming and streaming, but perfect for large file uploads and online meetings
  • Less impervious to slowing than other types of internet such as cable or satellite
  • Resistant to environmental factors such as moisture and electromagnetic fields
FMTC provides Free Installation within 3 business days at an appointment time you choose
No Data Cap, Slowing or Throttling like cable, satellite and cellular providers
No Contract Term-you’re not locked in should you move
Local Customer Service, Installation and IT Tech Support teams to serve you. 

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