Quality Network Wiring for Home & Business!

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company has a professional team of Network Installation Specialists with years of experience in home and business wire installation. They are local professionals who can provide the network wiring you need to support your home and business Internet and voice needs.

We are affordable!

At $75 an hour plus parts, pre-wiring a new construction can be much more affordable with FMTC. Network wiring is not an afterthought with FMTC as each home has a home network in place to support Internet and voice service.

It’s our specialty!

Local electricians install network wiring, so why choose FMTC?

FMTC, home of the fastest Internet! Networks are our business! We are knowledgeable about networks and network wiring placement and care during installation.  Other installers may use indoor wire that deteriorates outdoors, as the sheath is not outdoor rated. In the elements it gets brittle and breaks, exposing the copper, causing issues with Internet inside the home. Kinked, tightly stapled, or nicked network wiring can potentially cut its’ performance down to half or less.  We understand what can interfere with your network as network wiring cannot parallel power wires or cross fluorescent lighting and doing so can cause poor network performance.

There are many issues in placement of network wiring that the professional installers at FMTC are detailed and diligent with, so you are able to achieve the best in network performance.

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